About ADSC

Liz Etler, Miss Art Deco 2017 / Photo by Chelsea Totman

The Art Deco Society of California (ADSC) was founded in 1981 by architectural historian Michael Crowe and other preservationists in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a not-for-profit [501(c)3] membership organization. Our goals are to increase public awareness of the Art Deco era through preservation and promotion of its art, architecture, music, design, and other forms of popular culture.


We research and document buildings and artifacts worthy of preservation and provide advice and assistance to Art Deco conservation efforts statewide.

Art Deco Preservation Awards are presented annually to foster recognition of notable architectural examples and acknowledge the efforts of individuals in preserving the culture and artifacts of the period.


We keep the community informed of preservation issues and the culture of the era through various media, lectures and programs.


Equally important is bringing the fun and elegance of Art Deco alive. We sponsor and promote activities that revive the delights of this wonderful era.

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Joining with similar groups around the world, the Art Deco Society of California is a member of the International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS): http://www.icads.info

A list of ICADS member organizations is here: http://www.icads.info/members