We are currently looking to add two members to our Board of Directors!

George Barbier - 1925

George Barbier - 1925

The ADSC is a volunteer run organization. Everything we do is done by people who donate their time, talent, thought and energy to accomplish our mission. You choose the level of commitment, number of hours, type of activity and area of interest.

  • Write, design, edit or produce - our marketing materials, web site, email, newsletter and magazine.

  • Events - help plan and coordinate our parties, lectures and outings or work for an hour or two the day of the function.

  • Use your skills in public relations, education and management.

  • Technical assistance with web, print, audio-visual, database, email, software and hardware is always welcome.

  • Preservation - monitor preservation issues in your area, educate, communicate and help save an Art Deco treasure.

  • Mailing - fold, stuff, and stamp items for mailing (usually in groups).

  • Anything and everything involving fundraising.

More opportunities are available and we are always open to new ideas.

Volunteers are organized into groups under the supervision of an ADSC Director. These knowledgeable members will guide your efforts to make the most of your contributions. Your time is precious to you; your volunteer time is precious to us!

Ready to get started?

Call 510-271-6760 or email our office and leave your contact information. Our volunteer director will contact you and get you started. We look forward to hearing from you.